Boob For Thought

Food for thought, do we think about our food? Why are we eating what we eat? How does our food help our body? I like to think about healthy meals that my kids will enjoy, I like to experiment with different cultural foods to add diversity to our menu. Did you know that food flavors do pass through mother’s milk. Anthropologists believe that flavors of the culture are conveyed to the baby through mother’s milk. Think about that!! We all want healthy children who eat well and now we know it starts with us!

You have a choice!

In the birthing world today it is hard to know what is best for our baby and what is best for us. Can I trust my Doctor/Midwife? Can I have a home birth? Is my local Birthing Center Safe? How will I manage pain? With all these questions I think the answer I like best is: that we have the choice! We have a choice to become educated and make our own decisions. We can decide what procedures we want and do not want! We have a choice to have a birth at a place we feel safe and confident. We can choose who will assist our delivery. The choice is ours!!

If She Had Enough!

One of the biggest concerns I hear from new moms is that she does not have enough milk. I am sure if she had enough to get pregnant, if she had enough to get through morning sickness, if she had enough to carry her belly with poise, if she had enough to conquer the belly lob during her 9th month, and if she had enough to labor and deliver a beautiful human…..then of course she will have enough milk!!


Image source: Leah Groth

Whole Food

Can there be a more “whole” food in the existence of mankind?


Breast milk: nourishment designed by nature. It is natural and renewable, environmental friendly and safe. It is produced and delivered directly to the consumer without contamination. There is nothing better!

The Best of the Breast!

Breastfeeding is such a magnificent idea. We go through pregnancy and experience changes that we don’t even realize are preparing our body for something miraculous. As soon as our sweet deliveries are warm on our chests the natural process has begun. The “Magic Hour”, and if we wait just long enough the baby will make the journey all on its own. Rooting and reaching for something so familiar.

Things I love

I love the birth day!

There is nothing more precious then meeting your baby for the first time. As you finish your labor, they lay your newborn on your stomach and you immediately feel that connection that has been developing for the last nine months. Best Day Ever!!