Beat the Sad Partum

Why do we sometimes feel sad after the most beautiful event of our lives has just happened. Our baby is finally here and we are ready to be their everything….then life hits. Being a new mom can sometimes be different than what we expected. Our hormones are totally wack and we can feel like a milk making factory that is still learning how the machines work. Our bellies are still bellies and wow….we are so exhausted. All of these things plus more can make us feel a little down in the dumps. Here are a few suggestions that may help you feel better and more put together during those first postpartum weeks.

First: get enough rest. Your body has just experienced a major physical miracle and sleep is the bodies route to repair. Find time to take a nap here and there throughout the day.

Second: Give your body time. It has taken a good nine months for your body to accomplish all these glorious things, and it will take a bit of time to recover. Do not pull out your skinny butt jeans second day home and be upset that you can not pull them all the way up. Time is key.

Third: Find support! Find a friend to chat with about feelings you are having. Every woman remembers her experience with their births and breastfeeding! Find a friend that can help watch the baby so you can have a quick minute to yourself. A great supportive spouse, friend, mother, neighbor, or sister can make all the difference when feelings of sadness pop up.

Four: Get some fresh air. Just stepping out and taking a few healthy deep breaths can improve your wellbeing. It increases blood flow, increases oxygen levels, gives you more energy and alertness, and we all need the extra vitamin D.

Five: Ask for help. Do not think for one second that you are the only one feeling this way. Stats today show that about 60% of all new moms experience bouts of postpartum depression. You are not alone. Talk to your doctor and be aware of more serious symptoms. Look for community resources and reach out.

Kathy DiVincenzo, Ohio (real life postpartum vs. instagram postpartum)

Kathy DiVincenzo, Ohio (real life postpartum vs. instagram postpartum)