I am passionate about every family that attends my classes. I hope through this learning process we can develop a relationship of trust and confidence as you begin this new adventure. I hope to minimize your fears and provide each family with evidence based, non-judgmental information and foster self confidence in achieving your perfect birth experience and beyond!

Class Information

Classes contain information to help you learn about the natural process of birth; it will equip you with the means to have the birth you want; and it will also prepare you for other possible labor and birth situations. 



Eating well and preparing your body physically can be very beneficial to you as you near your delivery date.  We will discuss healthy eating ideas and safe exercise options for those last few weeks. The birthing process can be hard work! 



We will discuss fears and concerns about labor and birth to help ease your mind for this beautiful day. We will talk about signs labor may begin soon and discuss the difference between false and real labor.





We will go into detail discussing the normal progress of labor and birth. From early on set labor, to first and second stage labor. 


You will be able to participate in massage, relaxation, breathing, position changes, and visualization to determine what you and your partner might enjoy best for you delivery day. 


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